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 Juul van Aken

Regio Gelderland / Overijssel

Midden Nederland/


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I can ..

  • Help you connect with blockages which are holding you back in your life.

  • Help you to step into the Now so you can easily access other parts of your Multi-Dimensional Self.

  • Mirror and help you experience your True God Self

 "I love helping people remember and feel their true exitement".

I also make Energetic Art Works which are energy portals to other dimensional realities. Showing you how beautiful your human self and multi-dimensional self work together as ONE. 

My Art Work opens, assists, expands and encourages you, activating the unlimited potential you are.

To show you your GOD Self.



Shortly after my birth in Holland I moved to Ghana and then to Zambia where I lived until I was 6.  From the age of 6 until I was 22 I lived in New Zealand.

And now I live in Holland again.

I have previously worked as Art Therapist, Manager, and Coach. 

Since 3 years I have been working as a Galactic Artist.