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 Juul van Aken

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When making an individual Guide Drawing I tune into your energy field. I do this by using your name and date of birth as a portal. In this way I am able to locate, contact and translate information that is uniquely connected to you.

Every Guide Drawing is different and expresses the individual Soul BluePrint or signature of the person in question. A Guide Drawing is an expression of the energy, symbols and information I receive when I tune into your current energy field.


Not all Guides and/or Beings have a physical body and if they do this is often very different to our own human form. So sometimes a Guide will come through which you have never imagined or seen before. Never the less the unique energy frequency, codes and light language conveys a message for you and helps you to make contact with your multi-dimensional self.

If you would like a personal Guide Drawing and/or Reading, these are the options:

> Guide Drawing: (A4)                   € 85,-  

                            (A5 format)        €105,-

                            (canvas 40x40)  €125,-

> Reading- Via email:                    € 75,-  


> Photo of Guide Drawing only©:  € 33,-

> Guide Drawing (A4):

   and Reading:                             €160,-

* Prices do not include postage costs.

Please inform me if you would like your Guide Drawing sent to you.

Standard postage rates will apply for each format.