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Bijgewerkt: 22 jan 2019

A channeld download about a young girl discovering the depths of her Wisdom whilst simultaneously living in physical reality and journeying through the Dreamtime.

This is the first chapter.

The Heart of a child is an amazing thing as once, a long time ago when she was still young this child sat before the fireplace watching the flames flicker against the background of the hearth and she felt warm but bewildered. The child was no ordinary child, she was a Moon Child, one of few who had come to this earthy plain to walk with the Elders and to help the Earth to transition. Not many came, but a handful of youngsters were sent from within the Galactic Federation Governed by Sanat Kumara. It was his main and prime objective to oversee these Galaxies together with the Arch Angles, to govern the different species of humanoid beings and others whom lived or had taken up residence here.

This was her Star Home, this was where she came from, her origins. Even though she too had come, born from Source she travelled through many Stars and nebulas, through many mists of Creation before coming here. Now at this Witching Hour she sat in front of the small fire, the transparent white curtain billowing gently in the wind allowing the cool mountain breeze to waft over her sending goose bumps along her arms and a chill down her spine. She shuddered, turned and looked hazelly into the fire and let out a deep sigh.

Why am I sitting here?

She felt that something was about to happen, felt it deep inside. Knew it.

She was connected to a far larger web than meets the eye, she was connected to it from the inside out, it was part of her and also guided her.

This girl is from the Star Galaxy Andromeda, she is like no other, she is a very special soul, an emissary of the highest and purest Light. She is a messenger and carrier of the Elohim El Kai energy, the very highest, purest Lovelight Creator energy that births worlds.

Sitting in front of the fireplace she was every bit concerned about what was about to unfold. As on this night she had seen space ships in the inky black sky, a whole fleet in de distance surrounded by the twinkling stars of a far away galaxy. An ominous presence as they hovered there, poised, as if at any moment they would pick up her staring eyes and glitch into space hyperdrive and vanish. But even then, even if they did this, she would be able to see them, follow them.

For a while now, she was able to use her remote viewing senses to follow and hone into anything she wanted. It felt as a natural ability which cut smooth like a knife through butter and allowed her to feel her way through any situation and especially to gain information and insight into the unexplainable.

She wasn’t always happy with it as it was a gift that had increased exponentially and had led her to uncover secrets that the other side rather kept silent. She wasn’t sure if she had been spotted or detected because in turn there were others who where also spying on her, observing her. Until now she had been able to keep them outside her energy field, but it was only a matter of time so she remained vigilant. She nervously pulled a strand of hair that fell along side her fire lit face staring into space.

Her father was a commander in one of the fleets of Sanat Kumara, always defending and keep her world and others safe, holding the balance. She knew him as a large, powerful Viking like man who had little words to spare but an even more imposing presence and with his fairness of judgment and loyal duty he was more than often away, and she missed him now.

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