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A Soul Drawing comes from the timeless dimensions; therefore, it is not an art work that has a set beginning and end. A Soul Drawing originates and develops when the timing is precisely right, and the information is ready to be translated. This means when you commission an individual Soul Drawing it may take a little while before it is ready to come to you. In the meanwhile, the minute you request a Soul Drawing the healing energy will immediately start working through you. This process which surpasses time and physicality, transforms and upgrades your vibration. You are being attuned to receive the final art work which is a representation of, a teacher and a soft reminder of who you really are, your God Self.

If you would like a Soul Drawing please mail me your full name, birth date, a recent photo and any questions you have. It is not necessary to book in a session with me personally as I can tune into the details and questions you send and still create an accurate and enlightening soul reflection for you.


Once you have received your Soul Drawing please take the time to sit with it

  • feel what it touches in you emotionally, physically and spiritually

  • allow what it opens in you, what it can help release or bring

  • become aware how it facilitates a new perspective on yourself and your life

It is a tool and reminder helping you to reconnect with your Higher Self, which is guiding you to integrate what you see, feel and perceive in your physical body and life.

A Soul Drawing also works on many energetic levels when hung or placed in your home environment or workplace, facilitating clearing of your space, and working as a portal to and from your Souls Light.


> Size: 25x25cm (on canvas)

> Energy Exchange : €145, - (incl. gst/btw)

*  If I need to post you your Soul Drawing, normal postage costs will apply and be added.




You can also request a Soul Drawing and an accompanying Akashic Reading.

An Akashic Reading helps you to understand and deepen the insights and the healing your Soul Drawing embodies. An Akashic Reading also allows you to gain more information about personal questions you have pertaining your unique life-path.


> Size Soul Drawing: 25x25cm (on canvas)

> Energy Exchange (Soul Drawing & Reading) : €235, - (incl. gst/btw)


" Juliette has downloaded a Soul Drawing for me and has channelled a corresponding message.

When she showed me the drawing I was initially somewhat surprised because ther was so much gold in it. The pyramid shape in it resonated directly. Juliette gave me a detailed explanation about the drawing, the colors and the meanings in every detail. After this, Juliette talked extensively about the experiences and images she had when she tuned in on me. At the first thing she tells I already experience recognition. The second part is especially impressive. The third part resonates very much again, it is about a previous life in Egypt. Finally, I also receive messages and advice. Juliette wrote everything out for me so that I can read it back. In the evening I sat down with the drawing and tuned it into it. This was a very special experience. I got the feeling that it completely emptied me of negativity and recharged me with positive energy. A week later something came forward that was in line with what Juliette told me, wonderful to experience! The drawing is a real work of art and has now been given a permanent place in my Practice. I still read the text regularly and every time I receive new insights. It is clear that Juliette does her work with much love and attention. Highly recommended for a beautiful experience, valuable information and a beautiful work of art. Dear Juliette, thanks again from the bottom of my heart! "

Soul Drawing

An image of your unique Core Vibration


When I tune into and channel a Soul Drawing I translate your unique energy patterns, light language frequency and Soul Blueprint into a visual, energetic image.  A Soul Drawing is your own unique Interstellar Map reminding you of your true Light.

Whilst channeling and drawing these frequencies I am aware of

  • simultaneous other vibrational realities

  • your Terrestrial and/or Extra-Terrestrial Guides or other selves

  • numerous other planetary dimensions

  • geometric light and sound patterns

  • the prismal color frequencies you are connected with

This information flows through me coming together layer upon layer, building and merging coded messages and information specific to your unique light patterning.

This visual image is multi-dimensional,

it is a glimpse and a reminder of what you really are, of the vastness of your Soul.